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15th May 2021

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About Us

About Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company

Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company is an independent, full-service, investment advisory and consulting firm serving the investing public by providing advice and customized solutions.

The firm’s independence affords our consultants unparalleled objectivity and flexibility in developing strategies to meet client needs. Through our partnership with some of the world’s largest and most secure financial institutions, Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company consultants are able to provide clients access to world-class investment products and asset management services.

If you choose to work with us you will see the decided difference between our firm and others in the industry. Our duty is to work hard on behalf of our clients to help each achieve the financial purpose for their life.

Our mission statement clearly states what we believe we are called to do – Enriching the lives of those with whom we work.”so we are poised to serve you better” Quite simply Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company is in business to enrich the lives of others – our clients, stakeholders, neighbors, all who we interact with should be better for it. Our company is committed to operating a business where our talents and expertise improve life’s outcomes.

Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). All client accounts are held by our correspondent RBC Capital Markets, LLC, an affiliate of Royal Bank of Canada. Accounts held at RBC carry excess insurance protection provided by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading specialist insurance market. The policy affords additional protection of $99.5 million per client of coverage for securities above that offered by SIPC. This includes protection for cash of up to $900,000. The aggregate coverage limit of the Lloyd’s policy is $400 million per customer. These partnerships provide Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company clients peace of mind.

All of us look forward to the opportunity to serve you because we poised to serve you better always. We will be diligent in our work for you as our greatest reward is seeing our clients’ successes.

A market leader in security services. We provide wide range of services for our customers in a variety of industries and segments. Our core business is security services, including the main business lines specialized in:

  • Valuables Safe-keeping
  • Financial Institutions Services

An established market leader you can trust. Whatever the nature of your business and whatever your security needs, Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company has the solution for you. We are the number one choice for many blue chip companies across the United States. Our policy to remain focused on security and customer segmentation, while continuing to build on the company’s knowledge and expertise. It is within these customer segments where specialized security knowledge is required. This knowledge enables Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company to deliver tailor made services to industry sectors like Banking & Finance, Retail, Transport and Facilities Management

Understanding our customer’s requirements is key to effective service delivery and we have the solution to fit your needs, whether you are a small, medium or large customer and can provide efficient and cost effective solutions.

At FIdelity Seal Finance & Security company we believe that “value for money” and “quality of service” are the two most important things our customers look for and we aim to deliver both.

In summary, Customers expect the very highest standards from the security supplier and we aim to exceed these expectations.

All Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company Officers adhere to our quality standards, which are designed to provide unparalleled service and value to our customers. We take pride in the in-depth training we provide our officers. Equally important, however, is the dedication and commitment our officers bring to the job on a daily basis.


Encourage individual, team and organizational growth.

Honor our service commitment to customers, employees and the community.

Offer development programs that enable employees to do their jobs with skill and confidence.

Reward and recognize service excellence, team success and individual achievement.

Build trust, respect and integrity in every relationship and interaction.


To serve and secure the people, homes and businesses of our communities.