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15th May 2021

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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company an important role in society – we make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper. Our size and scale means we touch the lives of millions of people across the globe and we have a duty and desire to ensure the influence we have makes a positive impact on the people and communities in which we work.

Integrity is one of the group’s core values – being a responsible business partner, employer, customer and supplier is an important part of our strategy and forms an essential foundation on which we carry out our business. We have made significant progress in implementing our CSR strategy and are committed to our long-term CSR goals. We manage our businesses in a way that protects communities, the environment, our people, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and creates sustainable long-term partnerships, built on trust and respect.

Securing Our Communities
At Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company, we seek to make a positive impact on local communities wherever our staff, customers and suppliers live and work around the world. Different countries across the world face different challenges to their societies and social well being. To do this we encourage our business to engage and invest in community projects, whether directly with cash or through staff volunteering, fundraising and provision of Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company services as well as directly benefiting the communities concerned, this action improves our engagement with our staff and deepens our relationships with our customers.

Service Promise
A market leader in security, Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company services provide wide range of customers in a variety of industries and segments. Our core business is security services, managed by our expert team who offer the following range of services:

Custody and Safekeeping
Security Guard
Financial Institutions Services
Manufacturing & Industrial Services
Chemical & Petrochemical Services
Shipping Managements
It is Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company policy to remain focused on security and customer segmentation, while continuing to build on the company’s knowledge and expertise. It is within these customer segments where specialized security knowledge is required. This knowledge enables FIdelity Seal Finance & Security company to deliver tailor made services to industry sectors like Banking & Finance, Retail, Transport and Facilities Management

Understanding our customers requirements is key to effective service delivery and we have the solution to fit your needs, whether you are a small, medium or large customer and can provide efficient and cost effective solutions. At Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company we believe that “value for money” and “quality of service” are the two most important things our customers look for and we aim to deliver both.

In summary, our customers expect the very highest standards from the world’s largest security supplier and we aim to exceed these expectations.

All Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company officers adhere to our quality standards, which are designed to provide unparalleled service and value to our customers. We take pride in the in-depth training we provide our officers. Equally important, however, is the dedication and commitment our officers bring to the job on a daily basis.

Our Officer’s Quality Pledge

We always arrive at work as scheduled and on time
We’ll maintain a neat and professional appearance
Our demeanor is friendly and professional
We are good communicators
We understand and successfully execute post orders
We handle problems and issues swiftly and professionally
Once you choose Fidelity Seal Finance & Security company as your security company, you will find a highly trained and motivated service staff, who will provide you with the highest quality security service on a consistent 24/7 basis!